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Black Lives Matter, and That Shouldn't Be a Controversial Concept

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Not all anger is righteous, but righteous anger is valid.

Protestors in the streets are demanding change. They want a president who validates their anger. They want a country that doesn't make them angry to begin with. Black lives matter, too.

Black people are disproportionately imprisoned and killed, and our government does not show up to effect positive change. The onus is not on them to change this country. That is the job of white people.

We need to show up, and not just to the marches. We need to show up at home, and in our workplaces. Have the uncomfortable conversations. Tell your family and coworkers that you will not allow racist language in your space. Demand it.

Remember, not all racism is overt and in your face. It doesn't always look like a lynching and sound like the "n word". Sometimes it looks like a tweet that says, "All lives matter." Sometimes it sounds like, "There's no reason to pull the race card. I've got black friends!"

These tiny actions and phrases are the bricks that build white supremacy.

So we have to take it apart, brick by brick.

I researched and found a black owned organization dedicated to black liberation. To support, click here:

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