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"From beginning to end the album is filled with slick instrumenation, storytelling lyrics, and an infectious vibe that Rockwell spent his heart and soul cooking up." -The Indie Source

"Chris Rockwell is one of the hottest new names in Indie Hip Hop, and as we venture into 2020, this buzzworthy artist is taking the world by storm. His prominent new record "Diner Kids," is one of the most intricate Hip Hop records we've heard in ages..."


"What's more Jersey than a diner? 

How about an album called “Diner Kids”? It's the latest from Brick spitter Chris Rockwell. The lead single, “Catch A Vibe,” is an infectious joint on a mid-tempo vibe." -Asbury Park Press

Ten Years in the Breaking (2018)

Written collectively over the last ten years, and recorded from 2017-2018, this album is an emotional and intimate account of relationships, self doubt, and vulnerability. Featuring the musicianship of Jimmy Mura of Harborland and Zack Slater, Ten Years in the Breaking explores new ground sonically for Chris Rockwell, and offers a few stories about the hardships of love.

Released March 9th, 2018

Rockwell Rebel Radio (2016)

The concept of Rockwell Rebel Radio was a simple one: create a collection of songs sampling tunes from oldies radio. A truly DIY effort, and written collaboratively with artists from the Jersey Shore music scene, this album serves as a mixtape of sorts, with subject matter varying from political outcry to relationship woes. Featured guests include Andre Velazquez, Brooke Scheller, Chill Smith, Lex Rex, and Bil Brixton.

Released March 16th, 2016

Buildings Will Collapse (2013)

Critically acclaimed and award nominated, Buildings Will Collapse was Chris Rockwell's breakthrough album. It spawned two music videos and several staple songs for the live show, including "Back to Babylon," "Stealing," and "Oh No, No No, No No".

Released May 19th, 2013

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