• Chris Rockwell

4/9 "For Sir Paul Kelley"


“For Sir Paul Kelley”

In college

I was a bird that flew into a window

And kept trying to fly away

Thinking I was perfectly fine

He saw me outside of Philosophy 101

Scooped me up

Carried me in a shoe box

To a dark coffee shop

On a Thursday Night

Where they read poems by candlelight

And nursed back to health

A fallen falcon

Who had never heard of chai tea

Or Tom Waits

By the time I recovered

He had opened

Every window around

For miles

And left for law school

That coffee shop is gone now

They turned it into a steakhouse

And I circled it overhead

More buzzard than bird of prey

When he returned

We fell back

Into the old flight patterns

Frequenting coffee shops

And avoiding closed windows

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