• Chris Rockwell

4/8 "My Mom's Favorite Thing To Do"


“My Mom’s Favorite Thing To Do”

My mother’s absolute favorite thing to do

Isn’t visiting the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center

Isn’t baking cookies around the holidays Isn’t going for camping trips in her trailer

Isn’t riding bicycles with my father


My mother’s favorite thing to do

In the entire world Is start a conversation with you

As you’re walking out the door

You could’ve been chatting for hours

Found the perfect ending to a marathon conversation

The credits roll before your eyes

You all kiss each other, thank her for the coffee Everyone hugs and says goodbye

You put on your jacket

You grab the doorknob


“By the way,

Have you talked to your brother?”

“Did you see

That doctor on the news this morning?”

“What are your plans

This evening? Any gigs?”

And I want to take my response

And hurl it over her head

Like a stick for a labrador

So she runs after it

And I can escape

But instead,

“Yeah, I messaged him yesterday.

We’ve been playing games online.”

“No I didn’t, Was it about the virus?” “No, we’re just going to stay in After all, it’s lockdown, Ma.”

I still can’t tell

If this is an extension of

Her own inability to be on time

For anything,

Or a testament to

Her own inability

To let go of what she loves

And for that,

I will stop mid step

Hoodie zipped

Sunglasses on,

And turn back

To chat some more

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