• Chris Rockwell

4/6“Authorities Say the Dog Was a Very Sweet Girl”


“Authorities Say the Dog Was a Very Sweet Girl”

This morning I read in the news

About a high speed pursuit

Down Interstate 5

Across the great state of Washington

The police,

Attempting to corner the vehicle,

Looked into the passenger window

To discover a pit bull

Behind the steering wheel

Leading them on a 109 mph chase

Her head out the window

Tongue, flapping in the wind

When spike strips

Eventually stole the breath

From out the tires

And robbed the car of its flee

They found a very drunk man

In the passenger seat

Claiming he was teaching his dog

How to drive

My first thought was

Good for that dude!





Sitting with my morning tea

Quarantined at home

From a global pandemic

My second thought

(After feeling almost proud

Of a drunk guy for not driving)

Was this:

Humans sheltering in lock-down

Are making the animals

Who live off the edges of our periphery

Come out to play

In full view

From our windows

In California, wild turkeys

Reclaimed the playgrounds

In Japan, a family of deer

Decided to take a subway ride

In Barcelona, wild boars

Run playfully between

Outdoor cafe tables

Raccoons, sunning themselves

On beaches in San Felipe

Monkeys, hosting kickboxing matches

In the streets of Thailand

Coyotes, writing graffiti

All over an empty Times Square

In a silent New York City

And in Washington

A dog is learning how

To drive a Buick

Giving us a glimpse

Of what it is

We'll return to

Once the earth

Is returned

To them

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