• Chris Rockwell

4/3 “There Are More Pyramids in Peru Than in Egypt”


“There Are More Pyramids in Peru Than in Egypt”

Some things

I tell myself


That love is patient

That love has no loopholes

That my heart

Beats with enough horsepower

To move a train

That I don't take enough train rides

I tell myself

That poison

Is harmless without someone

To administer it

Otherwise it's just bad luck

That I am not poison

Or bad luck

That my ambition

Does not exceed my talent

That no lockbox

Belongs protecting anything

Worth more than

The price of a hacksaw

That I am worthy

I tell myself

That I would prefer

A burial plot in a Potter's field

Over the chamber of a Pharaoh

So that wildflowers

Will bloom in my eye sockets

And I could see

The beauty of myself in death

I couldn't see in life

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