• Chris Rockwell

4/21“Before You Do Anything, Ask Yourself Why”


“Before You Do Anything, Ask Yourself Why”

A painting without intention is just paint

I don’t make the rules

You can never truly be what you pretend to be

Some writers only hate fame to feign genius

And in doing so, banish from their eyes

The possibility of ever witnessing a miracle

Some geniuses hate fame

Because it anchors them to the earth

I’ll never be an astronaut

But maybe I’ll be the first to write graffiti on Mars

If ever I were brave enough to renounce all fame Not saying I’m a genius, but

A poem without intention is just words

And where would we be without these illusionists?

Wielding brushes and typewriters

Like little battle axes in an imaginary war

Firing away with all the accuracy of a sawed off shotgun?

And how long was I one of them?

How do I know I no longer am?

What is it, the unnameable thing I believe I know?

That death is the miracle, and not birth?

That the passing over from matter to memory,

That the unshackling of a soul is the real marvel?

Or is it the awareness of it all? The encapsulation of it in a single gospel?

Would you still want to die for it, Even if the death was not romantic at all And devoid of providence?

We can either choose

A stomach full of hand grenade pins

Or peacefully at home wrapped in a comforter

And I know right now Which one I’d choose

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