• Chris Rockwell

4/19 "Have You Seen Untamed Heart?"


“Have You Seen Untamed Heart?”

Her heart is a wild thing

And I honor any day waking up

Next to a soul so beguiling

Is surely a reason to wake up smiling

And while I’m reconciling our wants and needs

And every thought that speeds

Through our aligned minds

And confined bodies

We remind ourselves

Now, the local restaurants have weeds

And our favorite old haunts can bleed

I want to save everybody and so does she

Because once we were nonchalant and free

I’m good at it and she sees the savant in me

And while some businesses want to be saved Some people don’t

And the road we’re going down is unpaved

So we’re going to have to forge our own way

Because everything beyond today may be a blur

And we’ll never go back to the way things were

But I’m okay

As long as I’m with her

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