• Chris Rockwell

4/18 "You Are Not Your Productivity"


“You Are Not Your Productivity”

Trees are not afraid to start small

They do not fear death

Nor remotely consider failure

Which is easy when

Most of your uses are noble

Art exists, good or bad

There is no failure in art

Only in people

Books are the trees’ remains

We write and draw in them

And carry forests with us

In messenger bags on subway cars

And fear failure

Miles away from the cities

The evergreens slowly pierce the soil

Without debt or expectation

Whether each would be

A baseball bat or a bible

To exist without purpose

Takes backbreaking, herculean strength

To grasp, for people Who carry so much expectation

Whether each would be

A poet or a prosecutor

So fearful of the orchard

Afraid we will only

Be appreciated

When we’re dead

But death is not final

When you may be reborn

As a tree

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