• Chris Rockwell

4/17 "You Can't Over Water a Peace Lily"


“You Can’t Overwater the Peace Lily”

This is a kingdom

Of houseplants and coffee

A palace of palms and aloe

Evergreen, built solely with love

You cannot over water a peace lily

There can never be too much peace

She talks to her plants

Communicates gently

To her mother-in-law’s tongue

A snake plant doesn’t realize

Its name is repulsive

It just flourishes with conversation

I watch from across the room

A wallflower awaiting my turn

The day never escapes us Because we could never

Capture it in the first place

The day visits with us

At its own leisure

The light slides across the wall

Painting the room a warm honey

There is a restlessness in the air

But we don’t try to escape either

And this kingdom

Of ferns and fresh air

Of English ivy and tea time

Where would I rather be? What would I rather see? There is no such thing

As too much love here

If love is blind

Why do I feel this way

Whenever I look at her?

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