• Chris Rockwell

4/16 "Boredom is No Excuse to Go Outside and Play"


“Boredom Is No Excuse to Go Out and Play”

Being not alone

In your loneliness

However comforting

Is no real remedy

For the loneliness

All it means today

Is that we

Are American

All starving for

One thing or another

Fuzzy faces and

Her bangs down to her lips

Is the new sexy

And we are hungry

From our dreaming

Occupy living rooms

Occupy kitchens

Occupy queen sized beds

Just don’t occupy

The shopping malls

Yesterday you received

Stimulus, and yet

Today, you feel Less stimulated

Stay home, America

Occupy your family room

Of course this is not

What you truly want

You want fresh air

And day trips, America

But no fruit ever chooses

Where it grows on the tree

Otherwise, no fruit

Would ever choose

To be the low hanging one

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