• Chris Rockwell

4/13 "That's Why They Call Jesus the Comeback Kid"


"That's Why They Call Jesus the Comeback Kid"

When they say

That Jesus died for our sins

They mean we fucked up so bad

That there was no way

For all of us to even begin

To fix this shit on our own

Jesus took the heat

For all our drugs in the car

He's doing a five to ten

With a pit stop in the ER

For multiple stab wounds

One to the ribs, the rest in the back

Everyone knows

When you get arrested on Friday

You're spending the weekend in jail

But that's the miracle of Christ

Out on Sunday

Because his dad posted bail

Back home at the diner table

In time to celebrate fertility

Paint your eggs and hatch your bunnies

Pass the basket

And count this money

Say grace like last rites

Happy are those

Who are called to this supper

Head full of prayer

Stomach full of uppers

Let us give thanks

That he remained silent

May the lord raise us up

From a cave so dark

Snitches get stitches

And Christ ain't no narc


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