• Chris Rockwell

4/12 "Kingfisher Cove"


“Kingfisher Cove”

My town has grown up

Since I lived there

When I was a boy

With shredded knees

In the 1994 summer air

When I look at

The smoothie place

I can still see

The used car lot

Fading away

The old chocolate shop

Morphed into

An overpriced

Pizza restaurant

Sucking up money

And spitting out

A forty five minute wait

The hidden beach

Tucked away

In the corner of the cove

Linchpin of my youth

Now overgrown

More glass than sand

Sunday sunbathing

Turned to Friday night fist fight

Now, more sin than sun

The honeysuckle

Has abandoned us

But I can still

Smell it in the air

I walk through town

And it looks

Back at me

The very same way

Look at this boy

Once sidewalk chalk

Now spray paint

Once training wheels

Now steering wheel

Why doesn't he

Lay in the middle of

My streets at midnight

To inhale the stars


What happened to

The lemonade stand

When did it become

A nine to five

He replaced his wonder

With his wit

And now

He doesn't

Look at me

The same

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