• Chris Rockwell

4/11 "God Doesn't Have the Cure Either"


"God Doesn't Have the Cure Either"

Last night I crashed

On god's apartment floor

Woke up with a kink in my neck

Thinking right about now

Heaven is looking like

An empty department store

And a stimulus check

When you need to be alone

But you were never meant to

You can't isolate

And bring your friends too

The knights in white shining lab coats

Aren't here to defend you

No work, no unemployment

But the rent's due

I'm in the supermarket

Dressed for surgery

White mask, rubber gloves

Undertones of urgency

We're all in one big self checkout line

Extra veggies to boost my immunity

Extra poetry to reach my community

Trying to treat this like an opportunity

For unity

While the Elephant in the room

Is a rich white man with impunity

And this all feels like

Full moon lunacy

A fever dream to the believers

A swan song for the underachievers

In this life

You're either on the chopping block

Or holding the cleaver

Either the coyote or the golden retriever

If your confused as to who you are

Just ask yourself

Which one is freer

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